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Category: News


How mindful are you?

Mindfulness is the ability to stay focused, while being aware of your thoughts and surroundings and being able to recognise and move past distractions as they arise. In our information-saturated workplaces, this mental skill is becoming as important as emotional intelligence and technical expertise. Research shows that…


Epic Promo Video From Pendulum Summit

With the success of five previous sell-out summits in Ireland transforming the lives of 16,000+ attendees, Pendulum Summit ‘Elevate to Excellence’ will take place in New York City on September 13th 2018. We are excited to partner with such a game-changing organisation. Pendulum Summit New…


Front Row Speakers Launch New Website

It’s been exciting times lately. Our sister company, Pendulum Summit, has expanded to the United States and is in the midst of a takeover of New York City. Here at Front Row Speakers, we have procured a host of fresh talent and developed an entirely…


Lady Michelle Mone OBE: My Fight to the Top

Lady Michelle Mone OBE was born and raised in the East End of Glasgow, a deprived land full of incredible and selfless people. Despite her surroundings, she always dreamt of bigger things. She established her first business aged 12 running a paper round. When her…

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