As a business coach, leadership consultant, former President of the National College of Ireland (NCI) and former international rugby player, Phillip Matthews has many areas of expertise to pull from when he is asked to speak for Front Row Speakers. He is also a key contributor to our sister company, Pendulum’s Inspired Online Leadership Programme.

In this short video, Phillip has compared our attitude to this unique time with Jim Stockdale, a US fighter pilot who was held captive in the Vietnam war. He discusses the value of creating rules and behaviours that will last the unknown period of time this crisis is still set to be, rather then being eternal optimists working towards an end date which we cannot set.

Phillip’s particular interest is in helping leaders to identify the leader they want to be, achieve clarity on the personal change required, to lead with authenticity and in a way that engages hearts and minds. Take a look at his profile here.

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