Whether you’re a CEO or professional golfer, the route to better performance is determined by what goes on behind the eyes.” – Jamil Qureshi

According to Jamil Qureshi, the pathway to success, regardless of whether you’re in sports or business, is all about what goes in your head. Jamil’s body of work consists of clients ranging from areas as diverse as elite athletes to organisations such as NASA, Microsoft, and Coca-Cola, and despite this huge variety, Jamil says that the common thread between them all is mindset. 

“If we change our thinking, then we can change our doing”, states Jamil, believing that often the key to high performance isn’t found in training, it can be found in a much simpler approach instead. “Coaching is not about giving people new skills, it’s about helping people understand their existing skills,” he explains. “The way to create new possibilities and opportunities is by creating new perspectives. I try to help people see their world differently.”

Jamil’s 5 performance tips for successful performance are as follows: 

  1. Purpose is never achieved, it’s attained on a daily basis. Understand what truly drives you and what you’re passionate for, and it will be easier to stay motivated and fulfilled.
  2. Human leadership over business leadership. The future of leadership is empathetic. Rebuild working structures and relationships, allowing prioritisation of things like health, family, and hobbies.
  3. Energy management over time management. There will be moments when you can’t perform certain tasks and that’s OK. Remember that this will pass and try to divert your attention to some quick wins like chipping away at admin or firing off some emails.
  4. Seek to create, not do. Consider why you’re doing something, not just how you’re going to do it. It can be helpful to define to-do lists in accordance with how you’re feeling. This maximises productivity while keeping energy reserves intact.
  5. Infinite patience for immediate rewards. It’s possible to hold two opposing thoughts or thoughts that contradict each other, and have both be true. It’s imperative to challenge the assumptions our world is built on.

As much of the world is reemerging from the worst of the pandemic, a radical shift in perception of work and organisations is taking place, making Jamil’s insights more valuable and timely than ever before. 

Credit to Julie Cooper of CEO Magazine https://www.theceomagazine.com/business/management-leadership/jamil-qureshi-performance/

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