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Catherina McKiernan

Former Olympian Motivational Speaker

Catherina McKiernan

Olympian, Motivational & Wellness Speaker

Former Olympian and motivational speaker Catherina McKiernan is a European Cross Country champion, winner of London, Berlin, and Amsterdam marathons, and the current Irish marathon record holder, Catherina McKiernan is regarded as one of the world’s best ever cross country runners. Enjoying an incredibly successful career, Catherina has won 4 consecutive silver medals in the World Cross Country Championships 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995.

Since her retirement from competitive running, former Olympian Catherina McKiernan has devoted herself to teaching and inspiring a new generation of runners. As a Chi Running instructor with such an impressive international competitive record, Catherina is a sought-after fitness trainer and an expert on the mechanics of safe, injury-free running.

Catherina conducts 1 Day Chi Running Workshops, and Weekly Chi Running Classes suitable for runners of all levels – even beginners. She is also a sought after motivational speaker at conferences and events.

Former Olympian and motivational speaker Catherina’s story is both highly-relatable and awe-inspiring. From barefoot running on the family farm in rural Co. Cavan, to participating in the Olympics in Barcelona and Atlanta, Catherina has competed at the highest levels of her sport. Catherina went from being a self-motivated and largely self-taught runner, before recognizing her great talent and exploiting it to reach her fullest potential.

Catherina talks to groups and conferences about discipline, training, family life, phases of transformation she has experienced, her own sources of inspiration, and the new chapter in her life she is currently enjoying as a businesswoman. Catherina is warm and incredibly honest about her story, and the lessons she has learned along the way, inspiring all who hear her!

Catherina offers a workplace training program for businesses interested in supporting their employees health and wellness goals.

More than half or Irish businesses surveyed in a recent VHI report, are worried about their employees stress levels and work-life balance. Stress is known to result in high rates of absenteeism, and poor employee retention. It is also proven that employee well-being programs improve employee engagement; increase performance and productivity; and decrease absenteeism. From a recruitment perspective, a robust wellness program leads to a more attractive workplace and an increase in the retention of senior and experienced employees – this is critically important in today’s job-seekers market.

Additionally, Former Olympian and motivational speaker Catherina’s provides a Fit for Business program that gives employees the opportunity to incorporate at least thirty-five minutes of exercise into their daily routine during the workday. It can be scheduled before work, during lunch hour or immediately after work. It is an excellent way to incorporate exercise into one’s daily routine – reducing sedentary “desk-time” and markedly improving your team’s fitness, health.


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