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Pendulum 360


Pendulum 360

Fuelling Peak Performance & Holistic Wellbeing

Our learning platform focuses on the whole person by fuelling peak performance & holistic wellbeing. Therefore, we offer a diverse range of courses and content at a price that reflects high value for time.

We provide a personalised learning journey for our learners that adapts to their specific requirements. Our repertoire of exceptional content covers a multitude of areas like wellness, performance, work, entrepreneurship and relationships. Ultimately, we’ve designed each course with the modern-day person in mind.

A core element of our world-class platform is our very own Private Social Network. Our members come together and build lasting connections. This reflects our core belief of embracing the human in a digital world.

What you get with Pendulum 360

  • Unlimited access to the Pendulum 360˚ platform for 12 months.
  • Access to 20+ highly targeted micro-learning courses from experts like Dr Martyn Newman PhD, Dr John Demartini, Deanne Berry, Mark Bryce, The Happy Pear and many more.
  • Access to 110+ Pendulum Summit presentations from Sir Richard Branson, Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, Bob Proctor, Dr Deepak Chopra, Randi Zuckerberg and all of the 2024 presentations now included!
  • Access to the 8 Module Pendulum Inspired Leadership Programme (accreditation pending)
  • Access to up to 4 Masterclasses with visionary speakers.
  • Certificates of completion that you can add to your CV and LinkedIn profile.
  • Access to our vibrant learning community with group interaction and accountability.
  • Access to new courses and live events.
  • Accessible on any device through our new Pendulum 360 App, worldwide across all time zones.
  • Company licences are now available


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