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Owen Fitzpatrick

Psychologist, Leadership & Influence Thought Leader Owen Fitzpatrick headshot for front row speakers

Owen Fitzpatrick

Psychologist, Leadership & Influence Thought Leader

Psychologist, leadership & influence thought leader Owen Fitzpatrick is a globetrotting psychologist, international bestselling author and thought leader. Owen has spoken alongside Sir Richard Branson, Seth Godin, Jean Claude Van Damme and Dr Richard Bandler. Owen works with billionaires and Olympic athletes. Specifically, Owen’s clients include Coca Cola, Google, Pfizer, Abbott, Barclays Bank, CBI, Sage and Car Trawler.

An international sensation, Owen has visited 80 countries, presented to audiences in over 25 countries and written 6 books that have been translated into 15+ languages. Accordingly, Owen’s travels have taken him to countries like North Korea and Afghanistan. In his studies on propaganda and beliefs, Owen has met Indian gurus, South American Shamans and thought leaders across the world.

Additionally, over 1.3 million people have viewed his TEDx talk ‘Mind Control: How to win the war in your head’. Currently, Owen hosts the Changing Minds podcast, which offers strategies for improving communication.

Owen studied Strategic Negotiation in HBS and learned under Michael Sheehan, media coach for Bill Clinton. Owen understands influence, charisma and the power of language and storytelling to persuade others.

In summation, Owen brings together cutting-edge research in psychology and theory from Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Behavioural Economics to share the key to influence.


  • Thinkinomics: The Basics of Behavioural Economics and Brilliant Decision Making
  •  The Power of Influence
  • High Performance Secrets
  • The Language of Leadership
  • The Power of Story
  • World Class Coaching
  • Raising your Game


“There are few people, who can engage the audience, present the content and inspire people at the best possible way. And one of them is Owen Fitzpatrick. We have worked with Owen in the biggest business leadership conference FORUM ONE, where he had the toughest responsibility to open the event. He shared the stage with such international business and marketing leaders like sir Richard Branson and Seth Godin, as well as with international action movie star Jean-Claude Van Damme. 10 000 people, who listened to Owen’s speeches during Forum One 2013 and Forum One 2014 conferences listed Owen as the most engaging speaker.”

– Martynas Saikus, Co-founder FORUM ONE Conferences


“Having been to other trainers abroad, I can safely say that the skill, knowledge, information and more importantly, the personal interest from Owen and his trainings are second to none. Outstanding and inspiring are unfortunately understatements.”

Cormac Moore, Comedian and Radio Presenter


“One of the most innovative minds I’ve ever met” – DP Fitzgerald, TV Presenter

“Owen Fitzpatrick is such an inspiring person” – Denise De Costa, Salesforce

“Relentless, Passionate and Engaging… An Incredible Speaker.”- Alessio Roberti, CEO NLP Italy

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