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Pat Falvey

Inspirational Adventurer

Pat Falvey

Adventurer, Author & Entrepreneur

Inspirational adventurer Pat Falvey is an internationally acclaimed, author, inspirational speaker, corporate and personal mentor and coach. Born and raised in Cork city, he is Ireland’s best-known adventurer and was the first person in the world to complete the Seven Summits twice by climbing Mount Everest from its north and south sides. Pat was the leader of the first Irish-led team to reach the South Pole and he has also stood at the North Pole. He led the first Irish team to ski across the Greenland Ice Cap and was the leader of the largest ever team to complete the South Georgia traverse, a journey made famous by heroic Irish explorers Ernest Shackleton and Tom Crean. Pat has led many other expeditions to some of the most remote and inaccessible parts of the planet. During his travels, he has explored and analyzed the mindset of over 30 tribes of people that he encountered around the world. He has also led multi-lingual, multi cultural teams into the highest, coldest, harshest, and most remote and beautiful places on planet earth.

Before becoming an adventurer, Pat was a successful property developer and businessman who achieved his boyhood dream of becoming a millionaire by his mid-twenties. Following a national economic recession in the 1980s, Pat lost most of his wealth but, with the positive attitude for which he is renowned, he didn’t give up. Instead, he embraced the world of extreme adventure while rebuilding his business. Since then, Pat has become an entrepreneur, setting up businesses in the areas of property development, construction, finance, insurance, auctioneering, adventure tourism, film production, team and corporate coaching and mentoring. He is also the author of five books, including You Have The Power: Explore The Mindset You Need To Realise Your Dreams 

As a concerned citizen of the world Pat Falvey has seen first hand a changing planet. These changes hold frightening consequences for us as humans: the effects of global warming, climate change, population explosion and the destruction of ethnic cultures by colonising forces.



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  • Living Life To The Fullest
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  • Benefits of Goal Setting
  • Making Dreams A Reality



“Pat’s attention to detail and professionalism in his preparation etc was impressive but his presentation and delivery on the night blew us away. His story was fascinating, riveting, engaging and at times emotionally charged.” – General Manager, Event Management International.



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