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Brian Cody

Former Kilkenny Hurling Manager Brian Cody on stage at Pendulum Summit for Front Row Speakers

Brian Cody

Kilkenny Hurling Manager

Brian Cody, is a luminary in the realm of Irish hurling, leaving an indelible legacy as both a player and a manager. Emerging as a remarkable player, Cody’s true eminence came to light when he assumed the mantle of manager for the Kilkenny senior hurling team in 1999, a position he held with extraordinary success for decades until 2022.

Following a stellar playing career for Kilkenny in the 70’s and 80’s which saw him win, 3 All Ireland Senior Hurling titles and 2 Nation Hurling League titles, Cody eventually moved into management. Cody’s strategic acumen and leadership prowess became evident as he steered the Kilkenny hurling team into an unprecedented era of dominance. Brian Cody’s tenure at the helm witnessed a remarkable haul of 11 All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship titles, 15 Leinster Senior Hurling Championship titles. and 8 National Hurling Leagues. Under his guidance, the team consistently demonstrated not only exceptional skill but also remarkable unity and resilience. Brian’s ability to adapt tactics, cultivate emerging talents, and instill a culture of discipline within his teams set new standards for excellence in sports management.

Cody’s contributions extended beyond the confines of the field. His influence resonated throughout the Irish sporting community, inspiring generations of athletes and leaders alike. His dedication to the game, his players, and the pursuit of greatness has garnered profound respect from peers and rivals. In recognition of his unparalleled achievements, Cody has received numerous accolades, cementing his status as an iconic figure in Irish sports history as well as being widely regarded as the greatest Irish hurling manager of all-time


Brian Cody knows all about building and managing successful teams, what it takes to be a true leader, and how to successfully motivate and inspire a team to win again and again. He has shown the ability to adapt and change as required and is as switched on as ever. In his speeches, Brian reveals what it takes to make Kilkenny so successful under his leadership and what keeps him motivated and moving forward.

Brian Cody is a superb speaker and is available for after-dinner, motivational and leadership talks.


“Brian was fantastic and inspired everyone! We have had amazing feedback and even for our regional staff who were able to connect to hurling considering a lot of them were not familiar with the game, but proven the message Brian gave was the same no matter what the sport or organisation! Truly brilliant.” – World Rugby

 “Overall a hugely successful day – in no small part due to the session delivered by Brian. He is indeed a super guest to have and customers and colleagues are still talking about it… which is a great sign.” – Paul Walsh, Arco

 “Brian’s talk was exactly as I expected and went down extremely well with our audience as it fitted our meeting theme perfectly. He was on time, was very good about answering a lot of questions and having pictures taken with some keen hurling fans! ” – GSK

“Brian joined us in Creganna Medical to celebrate our annual graduation ceremony. He spoke passionately about his experiences leading Kilkenny but expertly made it relatable to us. Everyone left inspired regardless of whether you were a hurling fan or not with a deep rooted respect for the legend that is Brian Cody. I would highly recommend working with Brian.” – Shirley Mullins, Learning & Development Lead” –  Creganna Medical

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