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Pendulum Summit & Inspired Leadership Programme



Pendulum Summit is the fastest way to supercharge yourself, your team and your business. Pendulum’s contagious energy and game-changing insights have made a profound impact on the lives of thousands worldwide. Its ripple-effect of maximising individual and business success is delivered by the most respected authorities in the world who deliver the most innovative approaches to authentic leadership and personal growth.

Pendulum Summit offers CPD (continued professional development) hours to many Institutes and Associations. By attending Pendulum Summit delegates can request a CPD Certificate of Attendance for inclusion in their CPD records for their professional body, institute, regulator or employer.

Pendulum Summit is the fastest way to supercharge yourself, your team and your business. We all need inspiration, we all need new strategies and we all need fresh energy. Pendulum gets this better than anybody I’ve seen in Ireland, hence the fantastic line up of speakers. Every year we send more and more of our staff because we can see the benefits to them personally and to our business.

Brendan Foley

Seachange Now
Unrivalled exposure and networking opportunities that can help your company achieve its goals.


Amarach Research were delighted to work with Pendulum Summit. We had the opportunity to experience the fantastic speakers on show as well as engage with the wonderful delegates for post event feedback. There was very positive post event association with 8 in 10 people highly likely to return to the event as well as recommend it to friends and colleagues. All in all a very successful engagement.

Gerard O'Neill

Amarach Research
I don’t know where to begin to explain the impact of what you and your team have created. The speakers were mind blowing, disrupting, emotionally provoking and spiritually awakening.


We invited 13 clients from US, South Africa and across Europe for the 2016 Pendulum Summit. The feedback was incredible – a lot of great insights, learnings, very well organised and a lot of fun. An annual event in the calendar for us.

David O'Neill

Dansko Foods
The event, yet again, epitomised confidence, excellence and personal development. If you cannot create value in your business from an event like this, you are limiting the capability of your team, your customers and your business. Exceptional.


An exceptional day. Each speaker had their own special message each one delivered passionately and credibly, these people seized opportunities that came their way and battled many obstacles to reach their goals. You left the room thinking anything is possible if you put your mind to it and make the decision to work hard, give more and decide to chase your dreams and ambitions in life.

Sonia O'Sullivan

A truly outstanding concept. Its impact will be significant and substantial for Ireland’s renaissance in persistently redefining excellence in the world’s most challenging arenas. Pendulum dreams, designs and delivers excellence. They are the winning difference.

Dr Frank Dick OBE

Motivational Speaker



Following the hugely successful Pendulum Summit in January, the Pendulum University launched the Pendulum Inspired Leadership Programme. This is a world-class leadership training programme expertly created by distinguished academics and industry leaders, and inspired by the world-class speakers of Pendulum Summit.

The programme aims to cultivate high impact leaders who set the standard of leadership excellence within their organisations; who ignite exceptional performance in their teams; and who are equipped to embrace challenges with confidence.

With over a decade of expertly curated content featuring the world's most respected voices in leadership and 100's of high impact video sessions, the Pendulum Inspired Leadership Programme is the one thing you can't afford not to have.

Pendulum offers a suite of solutions on how to complete the programme for example:

  • Option 1: Online Programme (Tasting Menu for the time conscious leader)
  • Option 2: 3-Day Workshops (For Total Immersion)
  • Option 3: Customised Solutions (In-house, individual company workshops etc.)

Option 1: Online Programme:

Professionally designed and easy-to-use, this Inspired Leadership training is the ultimate 8-course tasting menu for time conscious leaders who want to discover the latest leadership trends; reconnect with their inner leader; and build their leadership repertoire with the most advanced approaches to leadership excellence.

We've done the hard work for you by sifting through hours and hours of world-class content to bring you the core fundamentals of leadership excellence. Created in partnership with distinguished academics and industry experts, this online programme explores the fundamentals of leadership through 8 hours of intense learning based on 8 core modules. The structure of the online programme gives you the flexibility to complete the programme in one go, or spread out your learning into bite sized pieces - depending on your schedule.

Option 2: Workshop Series:

This is a deep dive into leadership excellence for leaders looking to challenge themselves and push their perspective on what’s possible for their organisation.

Delivered by experts, they are highly interactive and real-world focused. In February, they ran the first of 3 workshop series. The facilitators and their topics were:

  • Phillip Matthews, Former President of NCI and Leadership Consultant who covered "Leading High Performance Teams"
  • Andrew McLaughlin, Emotional Intelligence Expert who covered "Emotional Intelligence & Story-Telling For Leaders"
  • Gary Keegan, Former Director of IABA and High Performance Expert who covered "High Impact Leadership Capabilities"

Contact [email protected] for more information.

Option 3: Customised Solutions:

Pendulum accompanies and supports your leadership development. They help you on your way to / as a high-performance organisation through executives, managers, and experts who deliver top performance. Your challenges are their motivation to always look for the latest solutions and topics in the field of leadership training.