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Virtual Solutions



During this time of adversity, we have adapted our services to facilitate our clients' changing requirements and are delighted to provide virtual events, inspirational online talks, leadership training and our revolutionary Learning & Lifestyle platform, Pendulum 360°. 

Pendulum 360° is a revolutionary Learning and Lifestyle Platform dedicated to fueling Peak Performance and Holistic Wellbeing.

This unique platform has been developed with our 1000's of Pendulum followers in mind who have told us they want a one-stop-shop for all things Wellbeing, Nutrition, Exercise, Mindfulness, Leadership, Career, Business, Relationships and more!

In true Pendulum style, we have meticulously selected top micro-learning courses and content from the best teachers and trainers in the world and delivered them in a 'Netflix-style' format of highly targeted bursts of micro-learning. This is complemented by an engaging community feature and pathways for learning.

Pendulum 360° also includes a wide range of recordings of past Pendulum events and our world famous Pendulum Inspired Leadership Programme.

The Pendulum Inspired Leadership Programme was created in partnership with distinguished academics and industry experts, and it explores the fundamentals of leadership through 8 hours of intense learning based on 8 core leadership modules.

You can complete the online programme as an individual, as a group, module by module, or spread out into bite sized pieces - the solutions are endless!

Online Events

We source the perfect speaker based on your chosen topic. We set up a virtual event where you and your team can simply click on a link and get access to the speaker. This can be live or pre-recorded, interactive or self-paced.

Inspirational Talks

We have a vast library of exceptional speaker talks from some of the world's most respected voices in leadership, motivation, wellness, sales, communication and more. We work with you to match the perfect speaker to the message you want to achieve. So whether it's an inspirational talk to uplift your team, a wellness masterclass, a high impact sales masterclass, or a deep dive into emotional intelligence - we have the solution for you.