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Monica Parker

Monica Parker

Organisational Change & Workplace Strategy Speaker

Topics: Leadership & Management, The Future
Expertise: Organisational Change, Business transformation, A.I and The Future of work, Workplace Strategy

“I have always been interested in human behaviour, my background as a homicide investigator in the U.S. gave me an analytical mind and a broad understanding of behavioural psychology.”

Some of the best ideas are hatched from the good intentions of resourceful people who take an innovative approach to problem solving. Monica Parker is one of those people. A former homicide investigator in the States who now lives in London, Monica founded HATCH to help businesses evolve and improve using an evidence-based approach to organizational change.

Monica is a TEDx speaker, a regular blogger for the Huffington Post and has appeared on BBC Radio and BBC Worldwide as an authority on workplace strategy. She has fifteen years experience in understanding the influence of environments and processes on human behaviour. Her research focuses on sustainable behaviour in organizations, its barriers, and its benefits. Her current role is to help clients challenge their notion of the status quo and see the performance benefits of behavioural workplace transformation. Monica specializes in an evidence-based approach to change, using social scientific methods of data collection grounded in a pragmatic and commercial foundation.

Beginning her career as a museum exhibition designer for the Wolfsonian in Miami Beach, she has a solid foundational knowledge of people-centred design. Her work as a homicide investigator defending death row inmates for Florida’s Department of Justice brought her a more intimate appreciation of the impact of environment on mental health and behaviour.

As the first woman appointed to an operational board of Morgan Sindall, a FTSE 250 company, Monica understands the intricacies and challenges of corporate manoeuvring. She brings this experience to bear for her primarily FTSE 100 clients. Other clients have included hyper-growth tech firms such as LinkedIn, Google and Microsoft, as well as a substantial nonprofit and charitable client base, including Wateraid and Diabetes UK.

AI and automation are changing the world, but where does that leave the humans? By exploring the science and soul of the very things that make us most human, Monica Parker will challenge us to embrace and develop our soft skills as the antidote to a rapidly changing and unpredictable future.

Monica studied design at the University of Miami, People Analytics at the University of Pennsylvania at Wharton, and received her MSc (Distinction) in Sustainable Management from Queens University Belfast with a specialisation in using data analytics and social science in predictive behaviour. She has been featured in The Guardian, The Economist and The Financial Times.

  • Communicating Organisational Change
  • Workplace Strategy
  • Future of Workplace Environments
  • Employee Behaviour


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