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Itzik Amiel

Itzik Amiel

Networking Thought Leader & Speaker

Itzik Kamiel is one of the Global Leading Authority on Networking and Relationship Capital. He has transformed the lives and careers of clients and readers worldwide, bringing 20 years of research and experience to the art and science of business relationship development and Attention Leadership™. His signature focus on success through authentic relationships – a deeply energizing passion – has fueled his own incredible rise to prominence. Itzik has been called one of the most “connected” individuals cross-countries and cross-cultures.


Itzik Amiel has published many articles and papers on networking and building relationships. His first bestselling book, ‘The Attention Switch™’, is one of the leading networking books globally. The book has been called “Dale Carnegie super upgraded for the cyber-age”.


Amiel inspires audiences to action and has been is a highly sought after dynamic, engaging and inspiring speaker. Itzik has delivered hundreds of keynote presentations and executive briefings in more than 48 countries worldwide. His keynote presentations, trainings and business mentoring combine, in an interactive way, knowledge with unique how-to’s and unforgettable stories. His presentations and keynote speeches are truly a memorable experience.

Itzik currently gives public and corporate keynote presentations, training and seminars across the globe, and conducts live and webinar training programs on networking, international business development, marketing strategy, customer loyalty, communication for excellence and personal development.

Itzik has received accolades from an impressively diverse list of listeners: IFA, IBA, BKR, Nexia, International-Referral, Globalaw, MSI, TAG, TIAG, Intaxexpo, INAA, CIS Legal Forum, Europefides, International Law firms and Accounting firms, Microsoft, Tata, HP, ABN AMRO, ING, CRM Association, Global Leadership Summit, National Achievers Congress, India CEO Summit, Chambers of Commerce, Recruitment Agencies, Entrepreneur Institute (South Africa) etc.


As founder and CEO of EyeRon Group, a consulting and corporate services company for International Expansion, and as Founder of the Power Networking Academy, Itzik provides corporate market leaders with strategic consulting and training to help individuals and organisations/firms communicate more successfully. Drawing from examples of well-known brands and his experience with his own clients, Itzik gives his audiences the genuinely fresh insights they need to strengthen their relationship and market presence and improve network for their businesses, and to strengthen their personal brands.

Itzik is a rare find. For more than 2 decades, he has been dedicated to using Authentic Attention™ tools to help:

> Leaders persuade and influence others with confidence & purpose;

> Companies stand out from their rivals and attract clients and expand to new markets

> Organisations engage and motivate their employees;

> People will enhance their networking skills by using Attentional Networking™.


Itzik is a top business development and international networking strategist, having honed his skills during his corporate career at prominent firms such as ABN AMRO Bank; Moore Stephens and international law firms and leading trust companies.

Itzik holds a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) (Cum Lauda) and a Master of Laws (adv. LL.M.) (in international taxation). Itzik also studied accounting and he is also certified mediator in tax and commercial legal subjects. Itzik is the founder and first chair of Young IFA and a member of many professional associations, has facilitated the expansion successfully of many of them and to reach new young generations of members worldwide. Furthermore, Itzik is an active board member and international ambassador of the CRM Association. Itzik is the international ambassador and Global Expansion director of International Referral network. He is a senior advisory board member for Corpdata (USA) and Globals inc. (India and USA). Itzik is on the board of editors of the international tax Magazine (India); Analitica (Russia CIS) and in the mentoring committee of ‘Big Consulting’ magazine.



1. Attentional Networking – cross cultures-cross borders

2. The Power of Connections – grow your business instantly and fast!

3. Global Expansion

4. Attentional Leadership – Become a Trusted Adviser

5. The Likebility Factor and the Power of Authenticity

6. Branding YOU – the Secrets of Personal Branding



“I first heard Itzik Amiel when I was President of the Inter-American Bar Association. Perhaps his greatest strength is his skill in personal diplomacy. He has a knack on his lectures for crossing cultural boundaries to establish mutually beneficial personal and business relationships. In short, he has a well-founded reputation as a speaker in the international arena with the personal touch to calm sometimes turbulent discussions. Therefore, I would highly recommend Itzik Amiel.” – Founder of Almeida Advogados and President of IABA (Inter-American Bar Association), André de Almeida

“As a man and as a lawyer I have always considered the art of dialectics a value, characterized by rigorous logic and persuasive power. The ability to communicate is based on the value and use of words!Itzik is a man who definitely knows how to capture the attention and interest of his audience with words…personally I feel that his presentation at the globalaw meeting in Israel greatly exceeded the highest expectations of the audience.” – Alessandro Righetti, Associate of Studio Carnelutti, Rome

“I admire his professionalism, his knowledge, his wide array of interests and the way he brings all of this together in a serious, yet lighthearted approach. He addressed the audience without notes, yet sharp and funny. I truly recommend him to involve in any conference. He did challenge the audience to identify what they want to talk about to get the ball rolling. His engaging talk made the day a real pleasure!” – Rene van Zelst, Partner, Cox & Partners

“Itzik Amiel’s presentation on non-verbal communication left me and the rest of the audience in awe, and filled us with excitement. Itzik has a rare ability to engage with the audience and enlighten them to ways of thinking and communicating with the world that they may have never contemplated before. His innate charisma and seamlessly integrated multimedia presentation immediately captured the audience’s attention and did not let it go until every audience member was convinced of Itzik’s thesis, and could not understand how they had ever thought otherwise. Itzik truly gives a master class in how public speaking should be done.” – Fernando Vaisman, Partner, Almeida Advogados



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