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Chris Wise

Chris Wise

Business Entrepreneur

Chris is inspired to create the fullest experience of freedom in life possible. “I didn’t want a boss to tell me what to do, I didn’t want a business that kept me in the office or tied to one physical location. So I created a life that allows for my greatest self-expression and experience of freedom.”

At the age of 12, Chris started his first business sharpening chainsaw chains. At 16 he founded his first technology company Wise Enterprises. Chris dropped out of college and left behind a full scholarship, to pursue the expansion of this company. It paid off, as the growth of this company created him a millionaire for the first time at the age of 21. “College isn’t for everyone and definitely not necessary for success.”

Chris Wise has been influenced and mentored by some of the top minds in the world including Tony Robbins, Steven Covey and Michael Gerber. He has co-authored three books and a movie with key business and personal development leaders Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, and Bob Proctor.

As a mastermind of system structure and design, Chris has a genius ability to bring order from chaos in the most complex of business environments. He has always been fascinated by the design and structure of information.



Chris’ expertise lie in the area of: Business Metrics, System Structure and Design, Information Organization, Business Process Engineering, Business Strategy, Sales and Marketing Strategies, Sales and Marketing Automation, Organizational Integrity and Performance Improvement, Building a Virtual Company, Laptop Lifestyle, Having Fun!



“I heard Chris Wise speak at METal International. His speech was sobering, gripping and raw. It was very powerful and makes you realize that every experience give you perspective and reasons to grow. Chris is an incredible man and I welcome everyone to listen to him. He provides insight and perspective that is profound and life changing.” – Josh Issacson Film Maker, Producer

“Being open, honest & vulnerable are the keys to unlocking not only who you are, but also the powerful leader you truly can be. The inspiring journey that led Chris Wise to this discovery is an epic TED worthy tale to not be missed.” Brian A. Bernhard

“Chris’s story is captivating. After being sent to prison for a business misstep, he completely owns the experience and allows his audience to feel the fear, gratitude and surrender he experienced while in prison. His delivery is confident and poignant and is guaranteed to deliver a powerful message to every person in the room.” – Ryan Geist

“This morning, I watched Chris Wise mesmerize a crowd of about 150 Los Angeles entrepreneurs and business leaders.  It wasn’t because he offered business advice, but because he spoke about the power of love as a mode of being that can not only utterly change the way we do business, but the way we live. Chris’s message is is powerful and unique, as is his story.  A great speaker.  A great man.  A change-maker.” – Adam Gilad

“Chris Wise presented in front of our group filled with over 150 impressive entrepreneurs and he masterfully drew in the crowd with his heart-felt story. He quickly enrolled the audience with his personal tale of success, trials, tribulations, and ultimately a new understanding of what is important in this life. The audience was completely engaged, inspired, and changed for the better by his presentation. I left the event inspired and excited about my work and my life.” – Dan Pinder, Co-Founder of Triple Delta Energy



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