Scotty Walsh

Scotty Walsh

Mind Reader & Mind Control Expert

Innovative and creative, mind reader and doctoral researcher Scotty Walsh draws from his exploration of the strengths and shortcomings of the human mind to present custom motivational seminars and entertainment on the powers of perception and persuasion. Scotty also explores the many applications related to networking, team building, creative leadership and management, persuasive speaking, non-verbal communication, and personal achievement.

Sought worldwide for his abilities as a mind reader, physical comedian, speaker, and consultant, Scotty has performed, taught, spoken, entertained, and consulted across the United States, Italy, France, Kosovo, Egypt, and was a recent headliner for the National Circus Festival of Ireland.

He has contributed to an array of corporate and public projects for clients including, Microsoft, the Denver Theatre District, and Baltimore's Children's Museum, Port Discovery. He has lectured and instructed at University College Cork, Tuscany's Accademia dell'Arte, the University of Oklahoma, Seattle's School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts, and the Denver School of the Arts. Additionally, he has presented original research for the Irish Society of Theatre Research, and was a featured thought leader for Ignite Baltimore.

Scotty holds a Masters in Public Administration in Strategic Public Policy, a Masters in Fine Arts in Physical Theatre, and is currently a doctoral researcher at University College Cork on the topic of Mind Reading and Mind Control.


In his dynamic and interactive presentations, mind reader Scotty Walsh demonstrates subtleties of perception and persuasion, explores the fragility and power of the human memory. Scotty Walsh helps audiences understand and unlock the vast potential of the human mind.

Scotty Walsh's 'R U BR41NW4SH3D?' is Perfect for Corporate Events, After Dinner and Keynote Addresses, Trade Show Presentations, Motivational Seminars, Trainings and Workshops, and any other event that requires sophisticated and dynamic custom entertainment.

This show can range from 30 to 90 minutes and can be presented strictly as entertainment or as a seminar and workshop which seamlessly weaves the impossible with the very possible.

Using the principles behind the secret art of mentalism, Scotty demonstrates many techniques ranging from non-verbal communication and linguistics, to observation and the subtle persuasion of the unconscious mind, enabling him to precisely influence the audience to create the illusion of mind control and mind reading.

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