Rasmus Ankersen Releases 'Hunger in Paradise'

Rasmus Ankersen Releases 'Hunger in Paradise'

Hunger In Paradise

"From a competition perspective, the iPhone is nothing but a niche product”. The famous words belong to Nokia’s CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, barely a year after the iPhone’s release. His answer came to stand as a monument to the arrogance that sent Nokia into a free fall: in six years Nokia’s smartphone market share dropped from 50% to 3%. The same people who made Nokia so successful also turned it into a gigantic failure.

In his new book 'Hunger in Paradise' Rasmus Ankersen explains why success produces complacency and he gives us the recipe for how to deal with it. Based on impressive and authentic case stories about LEGO, Coca Cola, Blockbuster, SAP, Restaurant NOMA and Nokia, he presents five lessons on how to to stay hungry in paradise and avoid becoming another victim of complacency.