Mark Pollock continues to inspire leading companies with his incredible story

Mark Pollock continues to inspire leading companies with his incredible story

Mark helps businesses achieve more than they thought possible.

Last month Mark spoke to 1500 sales staff from around the globe at Microsoft’s START conference in Seattle. Mark Pollock helps businesses achieve more than they thought possible. Your people won’t do it by chance. With a high-impact catalyst you can help them act with the courage to make it happen. Mark Pollock is that catalyst.

Blind, now paralysed and fighting back, Mark Pollock continues to take on endurance challenges around the world. A pioneer exploring the frontiers of spinal cord injury recovery, Mark uses an aggressive physical therapy programme and robotic technology. He trains daily on his legs to challenge conventional wisdom that says his central nervous system cannot recover.

Biting cold, searing heat, exhaustion and injury have pushed Mark and his teams to the brink of failure. Like most people he has experienced doubts and fears, but he understands how to combat their limiting consequences. Mark was a world class rower when he lost his sight. Getting back to competitive sport was an essential part of rebuilding his identity after it took the blow of blindness. Shortly after getting back in a boat with his sighted crew mate, Brendan Smyth, he took home silver and bronze medals rowing in the Commonwealth Games.

Since losing his sight Mark went on to compete in ultra endurance races across deserts, mountains, and the polar ice caps. These challenges include a race to the South Pole, 6 marathons in 7 days in the Gobi Desert; and the Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon. Mark uses these races to further develop his understanding of human performance. He uses this hard-earned expertise to help people in business achieve more than they thought possible.

Mark Pollock helps businesses achieve more than they thought possible. His story moves people from making excuses to making it happen. He is described by his clients as a speaker whose impact is felt in the business long after the conference. Head of SMB Sales credited Mark with “…starting a conversation about challenging conventional wisdom that is ongoing at Google”.

Mark has spoken to over 250 organisations worldwide.  His recent talk to Microsoft in Seattle included  the following:

- Non US

- Growth Mindset Messaging

- Inspirational

- Importance of inclusiveness

- Customer Obsessed; importance of customers

- Tech industry not necessary

“Wow – on behalf of the entire Microsoft CDS team, my sincerest thank you for joining us at our START event in Seattle on our special Culture Day. Your story is inspirational and motivational, and you brought everyone in the room to their feet. The response our global team had to your message was incredible, and we can all only hope to be as positive, persistent and proactive as you are with every challenge we may face.”

Jude Buckley, Corporate Vice President, Consumer Channels Group (CCG) – Microsoft Corp