41 Ways To Transform You & Your Organisation

41 Ways To Transform You & Your Organisation

1. Establish a game changers mentality.
2. Develop a can-do attitude and remove excusitis.
3. Sharpen the saw – sometimes you have to take a break from the “work” of your work to sharpen your skills.
4. Enrich your team’s productivity and positivity and reduce absenteeism.
5. Gift your clients with an experience of a lifetime with events like Pendulum where they will learn how to effectively grow their business.
6. Reignite passion within yourself and your organisation.
7. Increase your focus.
8. Invest in yourself – Warren Buffet says “The best investment you can ever make is an investment in yourself because the more you learn, the more you earn for yourself and your organisation.”
9. Kick start your New Year – January is the time for resolutions and setting goals. Attendees say that Pendulum Summit is the best energiser for them to kick start the New Year.
10. Self-Empowerment – you must first get yourself to a position of maximum mental fitness before you can attempt to lead your team or your clients. As they say during the airplane safely presentations, “Put your own oxygen mask on first.” Lisa Nichols is superb in this area.
11. Set effective personal and business targets.
12. Take advantage of having the world’s leading business and self-empowerment summit right on your doorstep!
13. Think outside the box and transform ordinary management meetings into extraordinary offsite alternatives with Pendulum Summit.
14. Individuals and companies who strive for continuous improvement fare better in terms of innovation and the bottom line. Events like Pendulum provide opportunities for CPD points with your relative association e.g. Institute of Bankers.
15. Acquire the tips and tools that will transform your clients and management teams into raving fans.
16. Adapt to change and get ahead of the future trends in business andpersonal transformation.
17. Break out of your comfort zone.
18. Build Authentic Relationships – learn specific tools to enhance your communication skills when it comes to your colleagues and more importantly your clients.
19. Business Excellence – a very broad but critical area.
20. Capitalise on the value for money – the price point for what you are receiving is incredible! For circa €430 euro (total) – you will receive lessons from the greatest speakers on earth in just one to two days. Compare this to other events out there and you will see for yourself!
21. Develop an enriched culture and shape your company to the style that is integral to yourself.
22. Gain privileged access to corporate Ireland – 90% of the 6,500 attendees will be senior leaders within their organisations.
23. Give someone who has everything the ultimate Christmas gift!
24. Have fun with your clients and team!
25. Improve your quality of life.
26. Increase your standards – Jim Rohn says “Never wish life was easier, wish you were better.”
27. Keep the momentum going – become a member of Pendulum communityonline after the event.
28. Lead people and organisations into greatness to achieve limitless possibilities.
29. Leadership and Teamwork – develop your leadership team and cultivate future leaders.
30. Manage diversity in the workplace – for example Lisa Nichols, a multi-million dollar entrepreneur and African American woman has a compelling story about her path to greatness.
31. Manage your time more efficiently for a geometric increase in productivity.
32. The energy of like-minded individuals - meet experts and influencers face to face.
33. Create new business alliances.
34. Mental fitness for you and your team – 35% of individuals in corporate Ireland now have challenges in this space.
35. Professional and Wealth Elevation – learn how a few simple adjustments in your life can exponentially change you to help you toward financial freedom.
36. Learn effective recruitment tools to attract the best new recruits.
37. Reward your team for results and retain valuable employees.
38. Scale your business.
39. Embrace infectious energy and atmosphere. A world-class venue, world-class attendees, and world-class content = world-class event!
40. Tap into a wealth of knowledge on the most innovative approaches to unleashing your warrior mindset.
41. Capitalise on quality experts who are globally recognised for transforming individuals and organisations.

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